Skyscraper – an animated adventure for the whole family

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New York, New York.

PitchFamily fare à la Don Bluth. An American Tail meets Finding Nemo in the Art Deco-Style of the 1930s.

Synopsis: New York, 1930. Skyscrapers reach for the sky when a squirrel family adopts a baby harrier named Scrap. They don’t know that Scrap will turn their life upside down. In the end Scrap has to face his fears to safe his two families. Skyscraper an adventure for the whole family full of suspense, adventure and fascist guinea pigs.

When a squirrel family in Central Park adopts an abandoned, baby harrier named Scrap, they expect challenges – harriers, after all, are known for eating squirrels. However, the family’s biggest challenge comes when, through a twist of fate, Scrap and his brother Skip find themselves separated in the big city searching for their mother, and it’s up to Scrap to bring them back together and learn how to fly in the process.

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Die Klientin

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Logline: A very successful  lawyer must defend an old flame against an evil energy company, ready to kill for profit.  With help from a reporter friend they try to uncover the conspiracy. But one question remains:  Who’s behind everything?

In the fall of 2016 Gregor wrote a new screenplay as part of #ProjectMomentum. He revived an old treatment and turned it into a movie for German television. The idea was to go back to basics. No Effects, just story and characters, nothing too expensive. 

The Result is “Die Klientin”, a courtroom-thriller with some (rough) edges. Star lawyer Benjamin defends Katharina, an old flame and/or love of his life, against an evil energy company, ready to kill for profit.  With the help from a reporter friend they try to uncover the vast conspiracy. Who killed Katharina’s husband? Who kidnapped her son? Who wants to see her behind bars? These and more questions get answered in “Die Klientin”.

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Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs – The Screenplay

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Pitch Joss Whedon’s „The Avengers“ meets „Battlestar Galactica“ and turns into „Pacific Rim in Space“. Or in short: „Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs“ on the big screen!

Synopsis: The new Colonies are under attack. But from who?Is it King jarred or are the rumors that and old enemy has returned? Who or what is RAMROD and why is everyone after him? „Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs“ tells the story of a group of  special loners who are drawn into a war where RAMROD is their only hope for survival.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

Stallion power on!

San Diego Comic Con 2012, Hilton Bayfront, at the bar after a long day of nerdgasm….what could possibly go wrong?

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The Passion of the Geek – a (really) strange comedy

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The Passion of The Geek

May the Force be with you.

Ok, this is going to be strange. I (Gregor) started this one a long time ago, even before “Skyscraper”. Back at University, after I completed my first (totally over-written) romantic drama (no, I wont tell that story), I decided to get rid of all that drama crap and write something funny.

I combined some of my experiences and some crap I made up in my spare time and turned it into a fairly personal story that is so completely out there that even I can’t take myself serious anymore. The script is full with half-baked ideas I once had (my unfinished time-travel TV show), strange characters and scenes that are blatantly stolen from classic movies.

I called this magnum opus “The Passion of the Geek” and even though the script has many flaws, I still remember it very fondly. The “hero” of the story is Ben, basically a movie version of me, which gets confusing when Ben has to convince me, yes me Greg, to help him rewrite the movie. I told you that it is strange.

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Welcome to Whiteworms Studios 3.0

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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

It has been a while and we (that is still Orlindo and Gregor) decided to relaunch this whole “thing” yet again. The intent is to make it bigger, better and … you know what we mean. In the last couple of years our focus has shifted a little bit. Instead of working on animated shorts we focus on feature length screenplays.


Hey Mr. Tangerine.

We worked really hard (and long) on our first one. We decided to start with something that was dear to our hearts and so we began to work on a screenplay for an animation movie. The screenplay went through different versions and various titles and we hope that the journey of “Skyscraper” is far from over. You can learn more about “Skyscraper” here.

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